Sunday, 27 April 2014

9835 0388 at $75/3Hrs - Local Part Time Maid English Speaking Singapore Auntiefor House Cleaning & Office Cleaning Service

Weekend/Public Holiday/Weekday
Working Time from 8am till 11pm.

Rate: $75/3hrs Basic Cleaning as Below:

House Cleaning

a) Toilet Washing
b) Kitchen Cleaning
c) Vaccum & Mopping the Floor including the rooms
d) Dusting of furnitures & shelve cabinets

Extended Hour of $25/hr if Clothes Ironing or Window Cleaning is require.
Payment is strictly Cash Upon Job Completion

Office Cleaning

a) Toilet Washing
b) Vaccum the Office Floor
c)Pantry Cleaning including washing the cups & plates
d) Cleaning of Table, Chartboard, telephone sets etc
e) Clearing of Dustbin

Extended Hour of $25/hr if there is a requirement for Windows Cleaning.

P.S. As All Cleaners are Freelance Cleaning Aunties, please issue payment Voucher for them to sign with their IC with Name for payment reference if require.

Interested party pls do drops us a Call at

For enquiry pls call Tel: Hp 9835 0388 Attn: Chille Sun

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